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Explosion-proof products

(Normally Closed, The Slow Opening and Fast Closing Type)


HDGS-EX 2015 / 2025 / 2040 / 2050

HDGS-EX 2050F / 2065F / 2080F / 2100F




According to LVD 2006/95/EC

test required IEC 60730-1 (4th Edi.): 2010 / IEC 60730-2-15 (2th Edi.): 2008 


Certification Criteria

        : Protective equipment compulsory safety certification Notice

           (Ministry of Employment and Labor Notice 2013-54)

Certification Number : 15-GA2BO-0771X / 0772X

Certification ratings : Ex d mb IIC T4 IP67






HDGS-EX 2015 / 2025



HDGS-EX 2040 / 2050



HDGS-EX 2065F / 2080F / 2100F







- The Slow Opening and Fast Closing Type - 


 Overall  (mm)



Max. Operating Pressure

Powwer Consumption 



 HDGS-EX 2015 (15A)







Rp 1/2" 



  HDGS-EX 2025 (25A)








 Rp 1"



  HDGS-EX 2040 (40A)








 Rp 1" 1/2


 190VA / 53VA*

  HDGS-EX 2050 (50A)








 Rp 2"


190VA / 53VA* 

  HDGS-EX 2065F (65A)








 DN 65


 190VA / 53VA*

  HDGS-EX 2080F (80A)








 DN 80


190VA / 53VA* 

  HDGS-EX 2100F (100A)








   DN 100 


 190VA / 53VA*

*Starting / Working 



 Working gas

 LNG(Town gas), LPG, Air, Flue gas, Non-aggressive gas

 Working voltage AC 220V

 Ambient temperature

 -15 ∼ 60 ℃

 Voltage tolerance

 -15 ~ 10 %

 Closing time

 < 1 second

 Opening time

 < 10 second

 Protection grade

 IP 67

6- Dust tight, No ingress of dust

7- Protection against the effect of “temporary” immersion between 15cm~1m.




 Housing base

 Aluminium diecast, Brass

 Coil housing



 enameled copper wires

 Disk sheet



 Pure Iron







HDGS Series solenoid valves(the Slow Opening and Fast Closing Type) open slowly as the power held within 

  10 seconds, normally closed.

If the power supply is shut off, the valve rapidly closes, interrupting the gas flow. (within 1 second)

This product is equipped with 'The Fast Opening  and Fast Closing Solenoid Valve’ downstream of the gas burner. 

   When power is applied, the valve is slowly opened(within 10 seconds) to adjust the heating 

   power of the burner, minimizing risk.

When the coil is powered, the valve opens slowly because of the hydraulic brake.

The rapid stroke may be adjusted using the regulating screw on the top to adjust the initial gas flow.

Main flow and opening time can be adjusted also.

If the power supply is shut off, the valve rapidly closes, interrupting the gas flow.

This is suitable for air or gas blocking and releasing controls, required in gas power burners, 

   atmospheric gas boilers, industrial kilns and other gas-consuming  appliances.

- This kind of valve is normally installed as safety and regulating device in gas trains, 

  for industrial applications and gas firing systems. 


             : HDGS 2040 / 2050 / 2050F / 2065F / 2080F / 2100F

​              · The starting power is being supplied to the solenoid coil and after 20 seconds

                      it is down to 40% power to operate the solenoid coil, saving electricity.

​              · Because of maintaining the temperature of the coil below 55 ℃,

                      it can also extend the lifetime of the product.

​              · If problems occur in the operation of the solenoid coil, it must be immediately changed.


Because this product is sensitive, it operate normally when the voltage of the input voltage is greater 

   than 90% of rated voltage valve.

Turn off the solenoid valve and make sure the valve is closed.

When the screws are tightened loosely, there is risk of a gas leakage accident.

This product is shipped completely open at the factory.

Make sure to check the pressure and the flow direction of the normal gas before operating the unit.


1. Loosen by turning only the two pan head screws 2 wheels. 

   (You may have one individual round head screws, depending on the model.)

              Socket flat head screws is painted red sealing paint must never loose.

2. This product is reduces the flow rate of the valve by turning the hydraulic brake clockwise and 

    increases the flow rate of the valve turning counter-clockwise.

3. Tighten screws when the flow rate adjustment is complete.





1. Loosen the screw on the cap and remove it.

2. 1st opening rate control (Use a flathead screwdriver)

       : Turning the screw in the ‘a’ direction (positive clock) makes it slower and

         turning the screw in the ‘b’ direction (counterclockwise) makes it faster 1st opening rate.

3. 2nd opening rate fine control (Use a flathead screwdriver)

         : If it fails to satisfy the opening rate adjustments, carry out fine-tuning when needed.

           Turning the screw in the ‘c’ direction (positive clock) make slower and

           turning the screw in the ‘d’ direction(counterclockwise) faster 2nd opening rate.

4. When the adjustment is complete, place the cap and tighten the screws. 



All installation/maintenance work must be carried out by skilled staff. 

Always check that the system is gas-tight after installation. 

Failure to follow this manual can result in dangerous situations or damage to the product.


1. Warning

For proper and safe operation and long service life of the valve,

      consider the following recommendations of the valve during the design of the system when the valve is installed

                    · Rated voltage and current

                    · The degree of protection vessel

                    · Dimensions of tolerance parallel thread

                    · Attachment Method

                    · The environment

                    · Pull method 

                    · Location inlet section

                    · Using leased lines

Shut off the air/gas supply at the main manual shut-off valve

        and disconnect electrical power to the valve before proceeding with installation or servicing.

Before installation, ake sure that the pipeline is free from impurities and vibration-free. 

Solenoid surface may be hot. Do not touch it with bare hands.

The filter must be installed upstream of the solenoid valve for proper operation.

Avoid excessive quantities of sealing agent which could enter in the valve.

Use proper tools only and avoid overtightening. 

Make sure all gaskets are used properly.

Please be sure protective measures to prevent easy access to the facilities.

If you do not use the Rated voltage products can cause serious malfunction.

​- Perform maintenance must be done at least once a year.

2. Installation Location

Valve may be mounted with coil in horizontal or vertical position, not upside down.

A gas filter should be always installed upstream the valve.

Ensure that installing area is protected from rain or moisture and sunlight.

It may cause the heat to the coil according to the installation environment. 

  Don’t install the valve in a position close to the wall or another device.


■ Standards and specifications of this product are subject to change without prior notice for improved performance.




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